Born and raised in New York City, Jena is a creative chef and human. Originally drawn to the Fine Arts, she turned to baking and pastry upon discovering that she could take her love of creating and get a job. Fifteen years later, her sweet tooth and experiences in the culinary field continue to grow.

Jena previously led culinary operations and development as a founding member of the Momofuku Milk Bar dessert and lifestyle brand. She also held the title of Chief Culinary Officer at Wim, an organic consumer packaged goods and appliance company before starting her own culinary consulting studio in 2016. Under the name Solid Wiggles, she also designs and creates beautiful jelly shots and cakes.  

Consulting Services

Jena is a culinary and operations expert boasting a vast range of experience collaborating with chefs and entrepreneurs. Her unique approach which is equal parts creative and industrious, has made her an asset to food & beverage businesses of all sizes.

Whether a large existing company, or a brand-new start-up concept, Jena pulls from a broad skillset to tailor programs that meet the needs of each client while maximizing resources and thinking outside of the box.